Hi! I’m Lara Schmelzeisen, and I’m here to listen.

Studio 182I believe that human connection and conversation is precious.

I believe that we all deserve more play, fun and colour in the world of work.


I believe that appreciative listening is the key to creating the future we want.

I work as a visual facilitator. This means that I help organisations – and the people within – to have conversations that matter. Together, we approach difficult questions and complex situations with ease, structure and intention.

My clients are bold, courageous and passionate about creating the future they want, and they aren’t afraid to experiment and venture into the unknown. They come from all sectors: I’ve worked with universities, arts organisations, small nonprofits and large international institutions.

What I bring to all of them is an atmosphere of openness, creativity and a positive outlook, no matter how complicated the issue.

Ease, fun and colour is an important ingredient of my work – and my life. Raised in the capital of Europe, I feel at home across cultures and comfortably work in English, German, French and Dutch. After half a year on Gran Canaria – practicing my drawing skills, I now live in Heidelberg, in awe of the old city, the surrounding forests and the birds I can hear when I open my window.


People I like to work with

I don’t believe in getting bigger. I believe in getting more connected.

Tim Merry

I’m proud to be part of the team at MAI Consulting. Furthermore, I am curious to find out what happens if visual practitioners join forces for bigger impact: together with Jakob Kohlbrenner and Laura Martin I’m on a journey called ‘Orange Essence’, founding a cooperative of visual facilitators and consultants.

I’ve worked at Structure & Process before, an international consulting studio working with Holacracy, Open Space Technology and Art of Hosting practices. I’m also a regular guest at Visuality, a super diverse, multi-lingual team of visual changemakers based in Brussels.

Last, but not least, I am connected to several local and international networks of practitioners. These communities form my learning space, both online and offline.

2 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Lara Schmelzeisen, and I’m here to listen.

  • Tuesday January 24th, 2017 at 07:23 AM

    Hallo Lara,

    ich bin auf Deine Seite gestoßen über eine andere Bekannte Martina Knobloch, die ich vom HIP Women aus Heidelberg kenne.

    Ich wohne seit 2012 in Heidelberg und habe vorher 15 Jahre im Großraum Brüssel (Overijse) gewohnt.
    Ich vermisse oft meine alte Heimat obwohl ich Deutsche bin.

    Finde das ganz toll, was ich hier lese über Dich und Euch… wenn es eine Möglichkeit gibt Dich/Euch mal life hier in der Nähe zu sehen, würde ich mich freuen

    met vriendlijke groetjes

    • Tuesday January 24th, 2017 at 02:51 PM

      Hallo Marianne,
      schön, dass Du dank Martina diese Seite gefunden hast und schreibst!
      Gerne können wir uns treffen. Ich schreibe dir gleich mehr dazu in einer persönlichen Nachricht.
      Tot binnenkort!


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